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Elkann: Juve strong and hungry

Wednesday May 11 2016

John Elkann hosted a Juventus party and declared “you haven’t just equalled history. You’ve laid the foundations to rewrite it.”


The Bianconeri recovered from a disastrous start to win their fifth consecutive Scudetto, something they’d only achieved in the 1930s.


“Juve are aiming high,” said Elkann, one of the heirs to the Agnelli family fortune, at the Villar Perosa event this evening.


“This Juve is young, strong and still hungry. The Coppa Italia is the next target. Then comes the new season, in Italy and Europe, where we want to be protagonists.


“You haven’t just equalled history. You’ve laid the foundations to rewrite it. This is the place of tradition, where daily news becomes part of a centuries-long legend. It’s a legend that is fascinating because it’s unique, in Italy and not just here.


“This is also the place where every year we renew the pact between a family and a team, to prepare the season that is to come and look forward to the next targets and trophies that wait to be conquered.


“As Andrea says: ‘To the end!’ We like to push the end further and further away, or rather higher and higher, towards new limits and new objectives.


“Perhaps this is the real difference with the 1930s five-title run, an achievement that for eternity set Juventus as the reference point for Italian football, led by the enthusiasm of Andrea’s grandfather and my great-grandfather Edoardo.


“In June 1935 many noticed that the team appeared to be at the end of a sporting era, that the fifth consecutive Scudetto looked like the closing chapter of a phase that could not be repeated.


“However, today’s Juventus is not ending an era. It has just started. It has built a team and an organisation that is getting stronger every day.


“It has learned from mistakes and held out when things went wrong. It believes always and aims high. Today’s Juventus is young, strong and still hungry.”

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