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Tuesday April 19 2022

I never forget the child I was and the importance of my teachers.

I like the idea of making my experience available to all those children who, starting from a pair of gloves and a door to turn their back on, will want to try to realize my dream.

The Buffon Academies project was born from this.

Born from the direct will of Gigi Buffon, legendary goalkeeper and captain of the Italian national team and Juventus, world champion in Germany in 2006.

His desire for him is to make his experience and his passion available to all goalkeepers with the only desire to "return" what he has received from the world of sport.

I've changed a lot since wearing the captain's armband. Both in the national team and in Juventus. I understood at that very moment that I had to make myself more available to the group and begin to consider the "us" more important than the "Me".

This is the philosophy behind our proposal. Telling the world of football and the role of the goalkeeper through the eyes of a child who has turned into a man and with the heart of an athlete who was born a champion and grew up to the size of a legend.

Football, especially for children, is and should be considered a game. And in no way will our proposal ever forget this starting point. We, therefore, aim to convey with joy and enthusiasm the desire to play sports together with others and the passion for football. All with the support of highly qualified technical personnel trained on the Buffon Method which will have the specific purpose of improving the performance of each individual player. Both from a technical point of view and in terms of behavior in the field and the ability to relate to others.

For those who wish, we will also provide professional support related to the nutrition and psychophysical growth path of the young athlete.


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